How should I take care of my jewelry?

Here are a few tips to keep your jewelry in good condition over time:

  1. Avoid prolonged exposure to chlorinated or salt water or too high temperatures
  2. Avoid putting your jewelry in contact with chemicals and detergents
  3. Store your jewelry in a jewelry box and try to minimize contact with other jewelry to avoid scratches or impacts
  4. Avoid wearing your jewelry while exercising
How can I clean my jewelry?
Clean your diamond and gold pieces gently with a soft dry cloth. If the gold is stained, use warm water and diluted hand soap to gently rub off any marks. Avoid cleaning pearls and other gemstones with water and soap. If you have specific questions regarding the cleaning of your jewelry, you can contact our concierge team at
How should I care for my diamond pieces?

Diamonds is the hardest of all gemstones, making it very prone to scratch other materials. We recommend that you keep your diamond pieces stores in a jewelry box and avoiding direct contact with other gold pieces.

Can I get my jewelry sized or altered by an outside jeweler?

Having our products repaired or worked on by an outside jeweler would void any potential for a return, exchange, replacement or refund, should anything happen to the product due to their work. If you need a different size and have not worn the piece yet, please contact our concierge team and we will be happy to find the right size for you.

Do you have a warranty?

Your Nouvel Heritage products are under warranty for any manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover:

  • Defects and damages from accident, misuse or neglect.
  • Defects and damages caused by improper use (scratches, dents, chains breaking from catching on something etc.)
  • Unauthorized modification by a third party (repairs, resizing, or any other work)
  • Products where the serial number originally imprinted is removed or not clearly legible
  • Normal wear and tear or aging of the products
  • Lost items

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