Our Story

Made in France

Nouvel Heritage's pieces are handcrafted in founder Camille Parruitte's family-owned jewelry workshop in Paris on Rue de La Paix, the famed avenue bordering Place Vendome where many of the world's powerhouse luxury brands handcraft their pieces. Parruitte’s upbringing in the heart of Paris's jewelry market cultivated her knowledge of jewelry production and design, motivating her to create collections that bring a modern edge to traditional Parisian handcrafting.

Paris & New York

Parruitte's French origin coupled with her American collegiate experience developed the unique modern aesthetic of Nouvel Heritage’s jewelry, which retain the effortless elegance of her Parisian roots.

A note from our founder

At Nouvel Heritage, we believe jewelry is more than an accessory; it's a personal piece you want to cherish and wear every day. Quality is important because jewelry is always in contact with our skin, and it needs to be long-lasting.


Beyond our ethical manufacturing, our family believes in sustainable and social responsibility. Our factory is both certified by BREEAM and the RJC. We built a 10,000+ sq ft garden to grow vegetables for our employees.

We employ over 250 people who are passionate about jewelry making. Nouvel Heritage and our workshops are all women-owned and women-led.

We are dedicated to making jewelry you can wear for a lifetime!

Our Workshop's Certifications

Understanding what each certificate means


The Responsible Jewelry Council Certification sets the standards for the jewelry industry worldwide. Being certified by the RJC means our manufacturing adheres to the highest standard of ethical, social, human rights, and environmental conditions.


The core of this trade regime is the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. As a participant, we commit to transparent diamond trade practices with other members that satisfy the fundamentals of the agreement. We also certify our jewelry shipments as conflict- free and provide supporting certification.


As the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for infrastructure and buildings, to be BREEAM certified means that our workshop is a sustainable environment that enhances the well-being of our employees and also helps to protect natural resources.


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