Where is the jewelry made?

We produce all of our jewelry in-house in our workshop in Paris, France. Every creation features the "Made in France" engraving. 

    Tell me more about your diamonds.
    We exclusively use conflict-free and natural diamonds.
    For color, we use diamonds with F to G grade.
    For clarity, we use diamonds with VS1 to VS2 grades.
    Because the Responsible Jewellery Council has certified our workshop, the sourcing of our materials adheres to strict industry guidelines and is socially and environmentally responsible.
    Tell me more about your gemstones.

    We exclusively utilize gemstones sourced from conflict-free regions. All of our gemstones are natural and untreated. 

    What gold do you use?

    We exclusively use 18-karat solid recycled gold. 

    Why is your white gold jewelry more expensive?

    Our 18-karat white gold is combined with the valuable metal palladium, which lends the alloy its distinctive shade. Palladium is similar in composition and rarity to platinum, however the metal is more resistant to scratching. Palladium is also significantly more expensive to source than both gold or platinum. However, the use of palladium in our jewelry ensures that our creations are hypoallergenic and long-lasting, so that they may be cherished for a lifetime.

    Tell me more about your craftsmanship.

    Our family workshop is located on Rue de La Paix in Paris, in the heart of the historic fine jewelry district. We employ over a hundred seasoned craftsmen, with several having more than 25 years of experience. We handle every step of jewelry making, from CAD conceptualization to casting, stone sourcing, and polishing. Nouvel Heritage and our parent company are proudly women-led and family-owned. Our workshop focuses on expert French craftsmanship while developing innovative techniques.

    What are your manufacturing standards?

    Our workshop is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council, ensuring that our supply chain conforms to RJC's strict Code of Practices in regards to business ethics, human rights, social responsibility, and environmental performance.

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