Limited Edition | Rainbow Latch Pendant

LIMITED EDITION. Only 5 Pieces Available. Add this Latch Pendant to one of.
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MATERIAL: Yellow Gold
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LIMITED EDITION. Only 5 Pieces Available. Add this Latch Pendant to one of the Latch Chain to create a bracelet, necklace, or both. The Latch Collection is one of our most versatile and lets you choose how to wear your jewelry based on your mood or occasion. Press the sides of the Latch Pendant to adjust or release the chain. 

  • Collection: Latch
  • Material: 18-Karat Gold
  • Diamond Quality: F-G VS
  • Stones:  Sapphire (0.38ctw), Garnet (0.21ctw), Diamond (0.18ctw), Ruby (0.1ctw), Paraiba Tourmaline (0.09ctw), Emerald (0.07ctw)

Materials and Care

Clean your diamond and gold pieces gently with a soft dry cloth. If the gold is stained, use warm water and diluted hand soap to gently rub off any marks. Avoid cleaning pearls and other gemstones with water and soap.

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High Quality Materials

18-karat recycled gold and sustainably sourced diamonds

Our Guarantee

2 year warranty and Certificate of Authenticity

Made in France

Ethically handcrafted in our family workshop in Paris

ethically made

French Jewelry Tradition

Our jewelry is made entirely in our family-owned workshops in France. From casting to polishing, we handle every step of the manufacturing in-house. Our materials are ethically-sourced, and our jewelry are exclusively made with 18-karat recycled gold. The gemstones and diamonds we use are certified conflict-free. Our diamond sourcing is certified by the Kimberley Process.