Toi et Moi Rings — The Ultimate Mark of Love

Toi et Moi Rings — The Ultimate Mark of Love

The Gold Thread Ring was recently featured in TheKnot.com’s article, “33 Gorgeous Two Stone Engagement Rings to Nail the Toi Et Moi Trend,” by Shelley Brown.

What is Toi et Moi?

Toi et moi is French for you and me. As a French company, these romantic two-stoned rings appropriately named in the language of love make this sentimental style one of our favorites. Toi et moi rings feature the two gemstones sitting side-by-side or close together. The traditional toi et moi rings feature two gemstones of similar size and cut but have now evolved to include a wide range of various iterations. The two gemstones are the ultimate mark of love, symbolizing two souls intertwining and becoming one.  

History of Toi et Moi Rings

In the modern-day, the diamond solitaire is commonly viewed as the standard engagement ring, but for centuries, the toi et moi ring has been loved by couples everywhere. In fact, the history of these amorous jewels can be traced back to Napoleon Bonaparte, who proposed to Joséphine, the future Empress, with a gold ring adorned with a pear-shaped sapphire and a pear-shaped diamond. 


Today’s Toi et Moi Rings

Named by The Knot as one of the most popular trends for engagement rings in 2021, today’s toi et moi rings stray away from conventional symmetrical silhouettes and diamond gemstones, encompassing a vast array of two-stoned styles.

In 1953, John and Jackie Kennedy celebrated their engagement with a toi et moi ring composed of two emerald cut stones — one diamond and the other an emerald. 

In 2018, Emily Ratajkowski celebrated her marriage to her husband with a toi et moi ring of gold and two large side-by-side diamonds in a pear-shape and a rectangle-shape. 

In 2020, Ariana Grande announced her engagement with a toi et moi ring featuring an elongated oval diamond and pearl sitting atop a platinum band.

Toi et Moi and the Thread Collection

As new engagement ring styles evolve, look toward modern jewelry designers to find a ring that truly fits your present-day style. With bangles and rings featuring signature single diamonds on either end, the Thread Collection highlights toi et moi engagement ring options for the present-day minimalist. 

Along with the diamonds nestled in on either end, the Thread pieces also feature a sleek, sculptural body that elevates this simple yet contemporary design. Inspired by a single strand of thread and the combination of artistic craftsmanship, the Thread Collection boasts timeless sophistication.

The Gold Thread Ring and Gold Thread Bangle also come in diamond-paved styles. Each piece in the collection holds up worn on its own but can be stylishly paired with a matching Thread Bangle or Thread Earrings for a complete, chic look.

Are you someone that loves the toi et moi look, or do you prefer a more traditional, solitaire design when it comes to engagement rings?

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