For many of us, working from home is a concept that is completely new. While there may be some benefits such as skipping out on the daily commute and giving ourselves a flexible schedule, there are also a new bevy of challenges and bad habits that one might encounter or partake in when their home becomes their new office space. Inspired by the Monday Morning Bangle and in response to the current climate, we asked a few members from our New York team to give some tips on how they have been staying focused and motivated during the work week while they have been working from home. Continue reading for a few tips and tricks the Nouvel Heritage team has been using to stay focused, healthy, productive, and happy. 

Camille - CEO / Creative Director

Cleaning and decluttering has been one of the main ways that Camille has continued staying motivated during the current climate. It makes her feel like she is staying active. She takes on small projects to improve her apartment, including cleaning up her closets or drawers. Camille strongly believes that more than ever it's important to feel good in your home. One of her projects has been to gather all the beauty samples she's accumulated over the years. She tries to use at least one sample every day. It helps her declutter but also discover new products!

Lauren - Sales

Lauren has been residing at her family's home in Connecticut while everything has been transpiring. To ensure that she stays productive, Lauren has set aside an area separate from the other rooms in her house to focus without being too distracted by her surroundings. She makes sure to keep her work area tidy and to remove any clutter to help her focus. She also has found that working in a location with natural light usually helps with her stay productive during the work day. 

Diego - Marketing

Diego has been sticking to a similar schedule as to the daily schedule he had made for himself prior to working from home and has been using the extra free time he has to make breakfast and cook dinners. Diego is a big fan of meal kits and has been experimenting with new dishes from Blue Apron and Daily Harvest, which are his favorite meal kit services. He has been making sure to also continue exercising as much as possible to stay healthy, whether it's doing a run around his neighborhood in Brooklyn or streaming a yoga class on his roof deck.

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