What makes a dinner date romantic? There's a recipe for what an evening like this may entail. The ideal date can be entirely subjective but might include a decent wine list, candle light, romantic music, or intimate seating. Or maybe it's an unexpected night out with really memorable food, and BYOB. But for those nights when you want a more "traditional" notion of a romantic date, we were inspired by the Mood Collection (and the Dinner Date Bangle in particular) to put together a no fail guide of three of our favorite restaurants in New York City that will certainly sweep your partner off of their feet. 

Casual, Yet Refined

Restaurant: Lilia - 567 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Diego, our marketing coordinator lives in Brooklyn and is an avid proponent of the sights and bites that the borough has to offer. One of his favorite spots for a dinner date is Lilia in Williamsburg. The space was actually once an auto body shop and points to Brooklyn's industrial past while being upscale yet comfortable. The biggest draw to Lilia though might be the chef, Missy Robins, who trained at the New York School of Cooking. Robins has cooked frequently for Barack and Michelle Obama and has earned several accolades with Lilia, including a three star review by the New York Times and a James Beard award nomination. Diego recommends ordering the sheep's milk cheese filled agnolotti or the black bass with salsa verde. 

Fun and Flirty

Restaurant: While We Were Young - 183 W 10th St, New York, NY 10014

Lauren, our sales coordinator loves the West Village, in downtown Manhattan and stumbled upon the charming and brightly lit restaurant While We Were Young. She recommends it as a place you won't want to miss for a memorable dinner date on a warm summer night. The interior of the restaurant is a nod to owner Bradford Dunigan's favorite surf spots in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale, FL while the pink pastel touches in the interior are a nod to the pink sand beaches of The Bahamas. Lauren recommends ordering the avocado toast, or the cauliflower tots with spicy aioli for an unforgettable meal.  

Quiet and Elegant

Restaurant: Omakase Room by Tatsu - 14 Christopher Street, New York, NY 10014

Camille, our CEO is also a big fan of the West Village and recommends visiting Omakase Room by Tatsu, a new omakase restaurant in downtown Manhattan. Omakase (お任せ) translates to "I'll leave it up to you" in Japanese and is frequently used to describe boutique restaurants where seasonal menus change daily, and a prix fixe dinner set is presented to you. Chef Tatsuya Sekiguchi takes the omakase presentation to a new level with his signature restaurant by presenting a restaurant that is borderline austere with a reverence towards the food. Each of the plates is presented immaculately and places the freshness of the seafood at the forefront of the presentation. Camille recommends making a reservation in advance, as the tiny restaurant can only seat eight people, and reservations can fill up fast. 

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