The end of winter is near, you've been considering purchasing a piece of jewelry, and you want to find out how you might incorporate it into your wardrobe. Or maybe you have jewelry with a colorful gemstone in it already that you want to incorporate into your daily outfit more often or in different ways. Either way, your daily wardrobe is about to move to a whole new level! 

Everyday jewelry pieces are some of the most fun and versatile items you can add to your look. They can add a dash of color to a monochromatic outfit or bring extra personality to a bold and colorful ensemble. Discover a few ways we recommend using jewelry to create your signature below!


Color theory and color psychology are powerful forces in modern society. Frequently used in marketing and branding, they change the entire experience customers have with companies. So why not use color to take charge of your own personal brand for the day? 

Typically, red has been associated with determination and passion, so if you have a meeting coming up where you need to feel more confident, throw on some red gemstone jewelry to add a touch of color to your outfit. We recommend viewing our creations with Red Spinel, a close cousin to the Ruby that occurs less often in the natural world and is actually a rarer gemstone. We also use the exclusive gemstone in our creations due to the more vivid red coloration of the stone in comparison to Rubies. Our favorites are the Red Spinel Pendant, the Red Spinel Bracelet, and the Red Spinel Studs from the Mystic Collection. 

Pink meanwhile has been associated historically with charm and romance, so if you have a dinner date, make sure to throw on a piece with a touch of pink. We recommend our Pink Sapphire creations for the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Our favorites are the Pink Sapphire Earrings, and the Baby Pink Mood Bangle


Although gemstones and diamonds can certainly be the star of the show, they don't necessarily have to steal the spotlight from your look. Often, a pop of jewelry in the right places can make your outfit all the more refined. Adding a subtle piece can add an effortless elegance to any look. 

One of our favorite ways to style dainty pieces is by adding them to a simple business outfit. Here at Nouvel Heritage, we recommend adding a small pendant to your work attire to take it to the next level without being overpowering. Our favorite pendants include the Medium Heart Pendant, and the Small Luck Pendant (if you need a good luck charm for that next meeting). 


Building your personal style can be tricky and often takes time. How do you maintain an aesthetically cohesive wardrobe while still keeping your daily looks fresh and interesting? The right choice in jewelry for you can help accomplish just that. 

If you select a classic piece of jewelry you like, you can wear any outfit and still have your signature shining through. You'll want something relatively understated so it will go with anything, but don't be afraid to go for a bold color if that's your style. The perfect piece will be able to be worn to anything from a casual Sunday brunch with friends to a formal evening party and still match your attire. We recommend rocking a small bracelet or simple ring, which can be gorgeous defining pieces in your wardrobe. Some of our favorites include the Small Star Bracelet, the Sparkles Diamond Ring, or the Medium Love Ring

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